Friday, July 19, 2013

Safety First, Less is More

In today’s consumer market we are inundated with an endless array of choices. Although we can easily access consumer reviews on-line to wean out products that others do not find favorable, The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reviews most infant and child products to ensure that they are safe for use. While safety laws are ever changing, it is wise to be personally informed on the current standards of select products. For example, a changing table seems like a good investment, however there have been countless infant/child injuries linked to the height of side barriers of certain changing tables. Consumerreports.org even suggests that one of the safest places to change an infant/child is on the floor with a changing pad beneath them. The “less is more” motto is even apparent with cribs and crib mattresses. The less stuff in an infant’s crib the safer it is. Even bedside sleepers pose a suffocation concern according to the CPSC. We may have infinite product choices, but it is important to use your maternal instincts and research product safety while creating the most comfortable sanctuary for your infant or child. 

Here are some product safety reviews from the CPSC:

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