Saturday, April 19, 2014

Am I a Good Parent? The Push and Pull of Parenthood

I am a parent and a social worker. This means I am not only determined to become a better mother, wife, friend and person. I am also continually striving to give my son the skills to attain a good balance of self-efficacy and self-reliance in the world. It is all so common to question if what we are doing as parents is “the right thing.” Study after study may reconfirm or challenge how we choose to raise our children, however a significant piece to the puzzle is to establish a healthy balance of push and pull in raising a child. This means we should train ourselves as parents to learn when to step in or step back from a child’s learning experiences. Although a huge challenge in many regards, it is one of the main keys to raising a healthy and happy person.

Here is a great link from parents.com addressing this position:

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