Friday, January 23, 2015

How To Meet Other Moms

Image: Pixabay
Let's face it, sometimes being a mom could feel quite isolating, especially when your baby is a newborn. Friendships you already had before you became a mom may have changed. The good news is that motherhood opens up a whole new world of women you might not have known before you had a child. Here are some great ways to get moving and social with your little one. 

Your local coffee or tea shop. Strike up a conversation with another mother. You already share a common bond, so talking about topics mommy related can open up the conversation to other likes and commonalities.

The local library usually has free programs that cater to all ages of development.

A recreational or community center in your neighborhood. This provides a wonderful space to meet other parents while your kids let off some steam. The programs, much like the library are either free or low cost.

If you belong to a religious community, your local church is a wonderful place to get involved with other moms.

Mommy and baby yoga classes are amazing, or if you're not a yoga person, do a search for baby or toddler classes by you. Most classes may come at a high cost, but some organizations allow you to take a free trial class. Take advantage of these offers.

When the weather is nice, your local park will be crawling with moms and kids.

Look into what neighborhood clubs offer as far as kid's activities. There is bound to be something out there to get you and your kid involved in.


  1. Hello there! I find it difficult to meet mums. At first I thought it would be easier once my kid started school but I found how competitive they were and they were always talking about homework, tuition, ECA and the academic results. It really got a bit too much! Lately, I've met mums who share the same interest as me and I think that's much better. Popping by via the CBN.

  2. Agatha,

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience. Sometimes having motherhood in common simply isn't enough, though if you keep trying you will find your circle as you did.