Thursday, January 29, 2015

There is No Secret Formula to Parenting

As a mother, you will hear endless opinions from parents, in-laws, friends and other mothers about how to raise a child or what methods worked best for them. There are parents out there who I have spoken to who are extremely adamant about sleep training and praise how well it worked for them and their children, while others cannot imagine a night without their kid co-sleeping beside them. While most people are trying to provide good advice, is there really a secret formula to what some do one way and others do another? You may already know the answer to this question, of course not. Advice and support are truly important while you are a parent, specifically a new one, though every child, mother, father and situation is vastly unique. Seek out support and be open to advice when need be because you are not alone in this journey of parenthood, but understand that this experience is yours to discover. Listen to your instincts, which are probably working on over drive and trust in your heart. You and your partner will have the answers as you go along. The very process will bring you the confidence you need. 

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