Sunday, January 25, 2015

Top 5 Books For Kids

Countless studies have shown the benefits of reading to your child, even during infancy. The tone of your voice, mutual bonding and language development all play major roles in this delightful activity. When we read to our children, they intently listen to us and learn. These are some of my little guy’s top picks.

Blue Hat, Green Hat, by Sandra Boynton, is a wonderful book that helps kids learn about colors and where each article of clothing goes on the body. This book is quite silly and was one of the first books that made my son laugh.

A Good Day, by Kevin Henkes, tells a great story about how a bad day could completely turn around in an instant. It is upbeat and paints a positive spin on any situation. The New York Times reviewed it as, “an almost perfect picture book.”

The Snowy Day, by Ezra Jack Keats, evokes feelings of how exciting it could be to wake up to snow outside your window as a child and of all the fun, snowy adventures that come along with it. This was one of my personal favorites as a kid and was also given The Caldecott Metal for one of the best kids books in 2014.

The Going to Bed Book, by Sandra Boynton, goes through an array of fun bedtime rituals with a pack of mismatched animals. Bears and cats scramble throughout different parts of a ship at sea performing multiple activities until they tire themselves out. My son likes to simulate the tooth brushing part of this book with his finger when I read it to him so I thought this book was a pretty cool one that stuck with him.

Corduroy, by Don Freeman, takes you on an adventure through a department store with a stuffed teddy bear who is desperately looking for the lost button on his overalls so that someone will come along and take him home. This book teaches a child that true friendship is what really counts in the end. This was also one of my most beloved books as a kid.

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