Thursday, February 26, 2015

Having a Positive Outlook During Pregnancy, In Motherhood and Beyond

It is no surprise that personal perspective colors a person’s mood and the way that they relate to the world around them. “Saturday Night Live’s” Rachel Dratch played a character formally known as “Debbie Downer,” who in good times or bad found a way to steer any conversation into a downward spiral of gloom. To me, the use of this stereotypical character is more than a novel, exaggeration of a stick in the mud, but a snapshot into how a pessimist can not only hold themselves back, but has the ability to bring the people around them down as well.
We all have a wide range of emotions and the best part about having moods is that they are not static. Our external environment, hormones and attitude play a major role in how we deal with stressful events in our lives. Can a person be in a state of constant bliss all of the time? No, because any invariable frame of mind is unnatural and goes against the inherent flow of our emotions. Imagine how tiring it would be to be extremely happy or sad all of the time. The main key to maintaining a stable mind and body is balance.
While I was pregnant, a rush of estrogen and progesterone flooded my system, throwing my body and emotions off kilter. I wondered if this hormonal shift and stress from external events would negatively affect my unborn child. I remember feeling so concerned and responsible for my son’s safety, that I took charge of what was happening by doing research to understand why I felt the way I did and by using tools I had taught others while working with certain clients in the past. The end result was reflection, building a solid support system and meditation. Taking time to journal my thoughts and fears, seeking out and surrounding myself with a nonjudgmental group of people and meditation did wonders for me. This pivotal time in my life has become a template for the way I live my life into the present. Sure I still have moments of insecurity, but I can comfortably and safely settle back into my default healing practice so that I can help provide my life and home with balance. A mom to be, a mother or anyone going through a major life change can greatly benefit by calming the mind, deep breathing and welcoming positive change.
In a past post, I recorded a guided meditation for expecting moms and plan to make it a series of prenatal mediations for all to listen and benefit from. 

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