Tuesday, June 9, 2015

DIY Summer Lanterns

When I think of summertime I think of barbeques, fresh salads and whimsical lighting to enhance the experience. What better way to indulge your creative side than to create something, fast, easy and beautiful to pair with great company and good food?

Decorative Mason Jar Lanterns
This fast project produced beautiful results. I used a product called, Gallery Glass Window Color: Click Here to Purchase. Apply this glue-like substance onto mason jars and you can make stunning lanterns for your home or garden. 

Paper Bag Lanterns
Use any mini paper bags and a hole puncher to create this look. Insert battery operated tea lights to illuminate these lanterns.  

Cheese Grater Lanterns
To make these lanterns spray paint any size cheese grater. The result will be gorgeous rustic table lighting. 

Washi Tape Lanterns
Washi Tape is decorative masking tape: Click Here to Purchase. Neatly and carefully apply this tape to a glass that is the same dimension top to bottom to avoid tape overlapping.

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